Micro-Blogging for the future, and TBH with Twitter dying

So, I've been playing with microblogging with a Mastodon instance over on Which seems to be the best direction with the bird site dying from ownership by Space Karen.

Fresh Coffee Berries Achieved

The local university manager has graciously supplied me with two fresh coffee berries.  Now I need to figure out the process to germinate them.   Initial reading suggests that they will need to soak and then sprouted.   I will have to read tonight on exactly what to do with them. I suspect I may need to supplement my office window's light but we will see.   There are likely some grow lights from kicking around in the basement.   Perhaps I will train a camera on them to see what progress we see.

Contemplating display technology

 I recently found myself musing about display technology for informational purposes. I've been randomly exploring the various options out there.   People seem much more inclined to use displays that were traditionally classed as a televisions to run all day displaying small amounts of information, on the basis that they're backlit. I've been watching the development of network power, and the idea that you can now drive lighting and speakers from a network system, leads me to believe that as "television" power requirements drop, there will be network screens.    I'm inclined to go in a different direction personally.   I think ultra low power e-ink style panels with a tiny microcontroller is far more effective, for infrequently adjusted informational displays.   It seems far more reasonable to use e-ink for something like a building directory that does change, but on the scale of weeks or months.